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A reliable and personal translation service established in 1986, specialising in English into Dutch and Dutch into English, with experience of a wide range of subject areas. These include marketing, Human Resources, education and medical. 

Medical documents handled include Summary of Product Characteristics/Patient Information Leaflet/Labelling; hospital, psychiatric, accident and autopsy reports; questionnaires and feedback; e-learning courses. Experience in Dutch and English medical practice: providing administrative assistance and translation at father’s dermatology practice in Holland as well as 3+ years of medical summarising at GP surgery in the UK (see reference on Testimonials page). Membership of the ITI Medical Network (

CAT tool: memoQ Translator Pro.

Please get in touch to discuss specific requirements and to obtain a quote.

Current translation references can be found on the Testimonials page. 

See below for published translations and future book projects.

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Published Translations

A set of Dutch family memoirs: ‘My Childhood in Bentveld and Haarlem’ and ‘My Adolescence in Diepenveen’ by Vera van Oyen, ‘Louise ter Haar: A Life’ by Barend ter Haar and ‘Memories of a Dutch Pastor’ by Dr. Barend ter Haar Dzn. (Refugium Publishing House, 2020-21).

"A Musical Friendship: The Correspondence between Mangkunegoro VII and the Ethnomusicologist Jaap Kunst, 1919 to 1940" in 'Recollecting Resonances: Indonesian-Dutch Musical Encounters'
Edited by Bart Barendregt and Els Bogaerts, published by Brill (Leiden and Boston, 2014).

AA Essential Belgium (Flanders Region) by Jeroen van der Spek
AA Publishing, Basingstoke, 2000
Tourist guide to the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium

AA Essential Wales by Guus Berkien
AA Publishing, Basingstoke, 2000
Tourist guide to Wales

Dutch Berlitz Phrase Book & Dictionary
Berlitz Publishing Company, London 1999
Completely revised edition of the Dutch phrase book

Paul Verhoeven by Rob van Scheers
Faber and Faber, London, 1997
Biography of controversial Dutch director who made ‘Soldier of Orange’ and then went to Hollywood to make ‘Robocop’ and ‘Basic Instinct’.

Bronnen voor ons bestaan
Voedsel- en Landbouworganisatie van de Verenigde Naties (Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations), Rome, 1996
A guide to the world's resources


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Future translation project – ‘Prince Suparto’s Grand Voyage’

This is an early East-West travel book recently published in Dutch, which I would like to translate into English to make it available to an international public. The publisher and editors are currently seeking funding for this, so please contact me if you can help or would like further details. Please note that Indonesia was the Market Focus at the London Book Fair 2019.

The story behind this book is quite intriguing. In 1913, when Indonesia was a Dutch colony (the Dutch East Indies), my Indonesian great-grandfather, Prince Suparto, made his first sea voyage from Java to The Netherlands to study at Leiden University. The Commission for Popular Literature (Commissie voor de Volkslectuur) had asked him to write an account of this journey in Javanese, so that his compatriots could read what it was like to travel to the modern Western world. The month-long route took him from Semarang in Java through the Red Sea and Port Said to Marseille, Paris and, finally, Holland. With great attention to detail and much feeling he wrote down what he saw and experienced along the way.

Soeparto book.jpg

Fast forward to the 1970s: Dutch historical anthropologist Madelon Djajadiningrat was conducting research in Surakarta when she came upon this book in the palace library of Prince Suparto, by then Mangkunegoro VII, ruler of this Central Javanese kingdom. The librarian, who was Javanese by birth but had an excellent, if pre-war, command of the Dutch language, translated it into Dutch for the purposes of Madelon’s research. Now this translation has been revised and published in an updated Dutch edition, together with an introduction and new illustrations by the writer’s grandson.

De grote reis van prins Soeparto: Java – Nederland 14 juni – 17 juli 1913
Written by Raden Mas Haryo Soerjosoeparto (the later ruler Mangkunegoro VII)
Edited, revised and introduced by Madelon Djajadiningrat and Clara Brinkgreve
Illustrated by Hoesein W. Djajadiningrat
Published by Ad. Donker, Rotterdam, 2014
ISBN 978 90 6100 686 2

De grote reis van prins Soeparto.jpg
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